Black Lives Matter Protest Disrupts Toronto Pride

Protestors for the Black Lives Matter group protested during Toronto Pride, grinding the parade to a halt.

The BLM group had a float in the gay pride parade, but during the march they stopped, and refused to move until the parade organisers had agreed to a list of demands. After about thirty minutes, Pride Director Mathieu Chantelois met with them and agreed to their demands.

The full list of demands is rather lengthy, but one of them was the “removal of police floats in Pride marches”, which has not gone down well with some. The removal of police floats was labelled “hypocritical, ridiculous and overbearing”.

They also demanded that Pride hire more “black trans women, black queer people, indigenous folk and others from vulnerable communities.”

However, despite the fact that the document showing BLM’s demands was signed, Director Chantelois did so purely to get the parade moving again. No decision has actually been made on the group’s demand that police be banned from marching.

Pride Toronto are continuing discussions with both BLM and the Toronto police. Here’s hoping that they aren’t removed, there are men and women of colour, plus LGBT people within the police force who deserve to march as much as anybody. LGBT representation and support from the police is critical.

We also would not have Pride events without the hard work of the police and other emergency services.

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Black Lives Matter Protest Disrupts Toronto Prid
Article Name
Black Lives Matter Protest Disrupts Toronto Prid
A Black Lives Matter protest disrupted Toronto Pride, and made several demands of the organisers.