What’s going on at Pride Life magazine today? 1st of August

1st Aug 2014 1st Aug 2014

What’s going on at Pride Life magazine today? 1st of August by David Silber

Well currently I’m sitting in our London based office on the first floor, looking out the window wishing I knew, who was going to come out next, and whether or not the next big theatre production I see will be the next Cats, and of course where am I going to go for a glass of wine after work this evening. My job here is digital marketing manager for the brand and magazine. Today I have noticed that we have some black pages on our site, and would like to address that issue. This means that I have to find and write many articles about many different topics. These articles will include business and finance from a LGBT perspective, lifestyle, health and fitness again from the same view point. I may also need to search the web for people in the spot light who are coming out and any gay news that we may have missed over the last month.

I am sure that will take me through to the end of the day, considering how many black spaces I have to fill in. My reason for doing this is the first and most basic principles of digital marketing “content is king.” This means new fresh exiting content that people want to read and hopefully share with others. In Googles eyes this is the most important thing, as they view this at real hard work that should be rewarded with higher website rankings and a host of other goodies, as it makes your website more “tasty” to anyone that may stubble across it if it is very low down in the search listing. Of it is quite a popular website it’s very important to keep things fresh and updated so the end user has a different experience every time they come back.