Bono Comes Out In Support For Gay Marriage

U2 frontman Bono has lent his support for gay marriage in the Republic of Ireland.

Next week Ireland will vote on if the country will embrace marriage between same-sex couples.

“[Marriage] is owned by the people. They can decide. It is not a religious institution.

“As far as I know, Jesus wasn’t a married man and neither are most priests talking about it. It is not a religious idea.”

He described the commitment of marriage as “one of the most impossibly great human traits, the hardest to hold on to.


“Anything that enshrines that is a wonderful thing. Marriage is nearly impossible. Wherever it is occurs it should be encouraged,” the activist continues. “Marriage is an idea that transcends religion.”

Bono’s work in philanthropy and activism are well document, though perhaps his most famous charity work was when he sang on the Band Aid single Feed the World.

Via Irish Times