Brent Corrigan Criticises King Cobra

The upcoming film from director Justin Kelly and actor James Franco, has been generating quite a lot of interest since it premiered at Tribeca Film Festival. Just yesterday, we looked at the highlights of an interview the star Garrett Clayton.

As you might know, the story of King Cobra is focused on the events surrounding the death of Bryan Kocis, the boss of Cobra Videos who died in 2007. It also features the early days of porn star Brent Corrigan, real name Sean Paul Lockhart.

However, the real Corrigan has criticised the movie, and even accused Hollywood of “bastardising my early years in porn”.

He said via Twitter: “Its not about me. These filmmakers didn’t care about anyone but their take on it all (and not getting sued). It doesn’t matter what A list celebrity is involved. The screenplay & content didn’t jive. I passed it up.”

This is far from the first time he has criticised the project, as before it premiered at Tribeca he revealed he had been asked to star in the film. However (as he referenced above) he turned it down.

At the time he said he didn’t want to be involved with “someone else’s presentation of events. Even with the time that has passed, the memories are still very real and raw for me. I look forward to finally telling my story, beginning middle and end, with an earnest stroke. Thanks for being so patient, everyone!”

For anyone who is interested in Brent’s side of things, he will be revealing all in an upcoming book called Incorrigible. It will be very interesting to see just how different King Cobra and Corrigan’s book differ from each other.

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Brent Corrigan Criticises King Cobra
Article Name
Brent Corrigan Criticises King Cobra
Brent Corrigan/Sean Paul Lockhart has criticised King Cobra.