Brighton Pride Brought In £18m Boost, Estimate Organisers

Bosses of Pride have estimated that this year’s Pride celebration in Brighton brought in an £18 million boost to the city’s economy.

The organisers estimated that the financial boost to the businesses in the city was £4.5 million than last year’s estimates, based on a survey of 3,000 attendees.

The survey also revealed that most of the attendees came from outside the city and spent money in hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, shops and attractions.

Paul Kemp, managing director, said that these figures prove that the Pride Parade’s financial weight and significance to the city is “far reaching”. He also said that Brighton Pride CIC “conservatively estimated” the £18 million in revenue, based on the average spend by ticket holders.

He then also pointed out that this estimation didn’t take into account the thousands of visitors who just came to watch the free parade. Even though these visitors didn’t pay to attend the whole Pride event, they would have undoubtedly spent money while visiting Brighton.

“With over 60 per cent of visitors to Pride coming from outside Brighton and Hove, it’s clear that the economic benefits across the city are wide reaching . This survey is not comprehensive but provides an excellent snapshot. It’s really encouraging to see that the majority of Pride attendee’s feel that both the park and village party feel safer since they’ve become ticketed events, but we’ll still take on board all the feedback from the community.”

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Brighton Pride Brought In £18m Boost, Estimate Organisers
Article Name
Brighton Pride Brought In £18m Boost, Estimate Organisers
According to Brighton Pride organisers, the event brought in an estimated £18 million boost to the economy of the city.