Britain May Scrap Ban On Gay & Bisexual Men Donating Blood

As you most likely now, at the moment gay and bisexual men cannot donate blood in Britain unless they have not had sex with another man for a year.

Public Health Minister Jane Ellison has confirmed today  that an advisory body will be reviewing who can safely donate blood in 2016.

The catch that gay and bisexual men can only donate blood if they have abstained from same-sex relations for a year applies in England, Scotland and Wales. However, in Northern Ireland, gay and bisexual men cannot give blood at all.

As we mentioned some time ago, Freedom to Donate have been campaigning for a change Britain’s restrictions, and founder Ethan Spibey said he is “europhic” about the news.

Spibey went on to say: “We have always campaigned the government to look at the current medical evidence which we fully expect to be reflected in the review. Advances have happened in the past five years since the last review which means that those who are safe to donate – should be able to donate.”

“I started this campaign because my granddad had a major operation and I wanted to repay that donor. I am so happy that we have got to this point. We will now ensure the review takes place and takes into account current medical evidence.”

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Article Name
Britain May Scrap Ban On Gay & Bisexual Men Donating Blood
Britain may scrap the ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood!