British Universities Need To Sort Out “Lad Culture” Says NUS

A new report has claimed that both homophobic and sexist behaviour  is running rampant at Universities across the UK, because staff and student union’s are unwilling to take action.

The NUS (National Union of Students) has warned that “lad culture” can often result in homophobic abuse and sexual harassment, and is for the most part going unchallenged by the institutions themselves.

According to a report from The Independent, policies to tackle the issue are lacking in almost half of the Universities in the UK, with a staggering 49% having no official policy on sexual harassment or sexual discrimination.

It doesn’t stop there, with only one in ten showing a policy that addressed the “display of discriminatory material on campus”.

Common problems amongst the student population include homophobic and misogynistic jokes, so-called “rape banter” as well as pressure to engage in sexual behaviour.  Many LGBTQ+ people are reporting homophobic bullying and abuse on campus.


Susuana Amoah, an NUS Women’s officer said that violence and discrimination were making education “inaccessible for many students, not just women”.

Rob Behrens, who is the higher education ombudsman echoed her sentiments by arguing that institutions should take a “much-more proactive approach” in dealing with laddish behaviour on campus.

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