Buttigieg Receives Leadership Award, Wants America to Lead in Human Rights

Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg

Current Mayor of South Bend, Indiana and Democratic Presidential Hopeful Pete Buttigieg was presented an award by the Gay and Lesbian Alumni of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s. The Distinguished Service Award was to recognize Buttigieg for his leadership and how he’s set an example for the LGBT community. While pushing for equality in the Notre Dame student body, he has made sure people feel accepted and understood.

Buttigieg also went on “The Van Jones Show” to talk about America’s role in human rights and LGBT issues. He believes that with the right kind of leadership, the United States could once again be the moral example for other nations to follow and look up to when it comes to Human Rights. This goes hand in hand with the way that the LGBT community has seen itself under attack since the current administration took office.