Caitlyn Jenner Wants To Legalise Her Name & Gender, Faces Obstacles

Caitlyn Jenner transitioned quite some time ago, as we all know. But now, she wants to made it final and legal by changing her name and gender on her legal documents.

Unfortunately for her, this isn’t as simple as you might expect. She will have to not only get all of her papers in order, but also undergo medical scrutiny in order to make these changes.

Drian Juarez, who is a representative from the Los Angeles LGBT Center said to Caitlyn: “You have to go through the court-ordered process, which has been streamlined a bit.”

Drian then went on to stress that Caitlyn would be subjected to further medical procedures in order to confirm her sex.

According to the rep, previously “transgenders or those who had changed their sex” had to go through gender confirmation surgery, but “now you just have to have clinically-appropriate treatment to change your gender marker.”

Caitlyn herself had this to say on the topic: “After hearing all the struggles people go through because they don’t have the proper documentation, I realized that I should be a little bit more aggressive in dealing with this issue of my identity. I think it’s time to get that process started.”

Apparently, once the papers are sorted out in court, Caitlyn will have her new identity registered and receive new identification cards. She would also be known as Caitlyn Jenner in every state.