Caitlyn Jenner’s Sons Thought Her Vanity Fair Cover Was “Too Sexy”

We’ve all seen Caitlyn Jenner’s stunning Vanity Fair cover by now, but apparently, not all of her family members were supportive of the image chosen.

These comments came about when Caitlyn was speaking to Candis Cayne in an episode of I Am Cait, where the pair were discussing the Vanity Fair cover. The conversation began when Caitlyn said that her sons, Brody, Brandon and Burt thought it was “too sexy”.

The conversation went something like this:

Caitlyn: “It’s not easy… A few little incidences.”

Candis: “What do you mean?”

Caitlyn: “A couple of the kids thought that the Vanity Fair shoot was a little too sexy. It’s the guys. I don’t think they get kind of the girl thing.”

Candis: “But Cait, you have been repressing your inner woman for so many years.”

Caitlyn: “I want to respect my kids. I just want to take care of myself.”


Candis: “And you want them to respect you too, which is super important.But you’ve been living the past 40 years taking care of them and not taking care of yourself.”

Candis’ comments are very supportive, but do you think Caitlyn’s cover was “too sexy”? Let us know.