Canada Anglican Church Allowed Same-Sex Marriage After All

Yesterday, we discussed how the Canadian Anglican Church had voted to embrace same-sex marriage… but the number of votes needed to do so was missed by a single vote.

Now it has been revealed that there was actually a voting mishap, and they have voted to allow same-sex marriages within the church after all.

The new results are thanks to members who said that their votes had not been counted on Monday, when the resolution failed by that single critical vote.

Delegates then requested a hard copy of the electronic voting records, and it turns out that the resolution had actually passed. As we discussed yesterday, the resolution required a two thirds vote from lay members, the clergy and bishops.

Archbishop Fred Hiltz said: “That is our reality, that the motion is in fact carried in all three orders.”

This means that the clergy of the Canadian Anglican Church can now perform same-sex marriages.

Naturally, this result has been praised by LGBT supporters and their allies.

“Same-sex marriage. In the church. In my lifetime,’ tweeted Lauren Bryant-Monk, “I’m so proud to be Anglican today.”

“This is the best news I have heard in a long time!” tweeted Marlene Wells, “My weepy day has ended; let’s celebrate.”

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Canada Anglican Church Allowed Same-Sex Marriage After All
it seems the Canada Anglican Church allowed same-sex marriage after all!