Canadian Church Rejects Same-Sex Marriage… By 1 Vote

The Anglican Church of Canada has sadly rejected same-sex marriage… by just a single vote.

Marriage equality has been a thing in Canada ever since 2005, but the General Synod of the Church have been debating since then whether or not to embrace marriage equality.

In order for them to come in line with the rest of the country, the resolution required a two thirds vote from lay members, the clergy and bishops.

Both the bishops and lay delegates supported the motion to embrace same-sex marriage, with a vote of 68.42 percent and 72.22 percent respectively. However, the problems lay within the clergy, who had a vote of  66.23 meaning that they missed the threshold by 0.4% – just a single vote.

Most of the people speaking on the results were in favour of the resolution, and are naturally frustrated at the results.

Eliot Waddingham, a trans man from Ottawa, had this to say: ““It is breaking my heart that there are people who see gay marriage as a separation from God and from love.”

Reverend Jeremy Smith tweeted: “Woah. One vote. Prayers for all those wounded by the anti-LGBTQ vote.”

Sadly, this result will be in place for a while as the General Synod of the Church is only held every three years. Work is now likely underway to bring another vote to the Church in 2019.

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Canadian Church Rejects Same-Sex Marriage... By 1 Vote
Article Name
Canadian Church Rejects Same-Sex Marriage... By 1 Vote
The Anglican Church of Canada has rejected same-sex marriage... by a single vote.