Canadian Professor Fired For Anti-Gay Facebook Post

Rick Coupland, a Canadian university professor, has been fired over posting an anti-gay status to Facebook.

Coupland, who is a business professor St Lawrence College, shared a post regarding St Petersburg raising a rainbow flag for Pride month on his Facebook wall last week.

However, it’s what he wrote alongside the video is what caused everything to kick off: “It’s the queers they should be hanging, not the flag.”


This was quickly spotted by a former student, who complained to the university and also uploaded screenshots of his status via social media platforms.

The next status he posted was in a rather different tone: “I’ve been called into work and told to bring a representative re; my comments on FB. Please pray for me and my job.”


This seemingly escalated rather quickly, as it was confirmed today (Wednesday 22) by St Lawrence College that Coupland is “is no longer an employee.”


They said via Twitter: “As a result of complaints about comments made on social media that were brought forward to the College, this matter was investigated internally.”