Captain America: Civil War Will Flesh Out Winter Soldier’s Story

No one does the hype train better than Marvel, and the hype for Captain America: Civil War has certainly been invigorated by the recent trailer.

Now, there is yet more fuel being thrown on the flames of hype thanks to comments from Sebastian Stan, who plays the role of Bucky Barnes. During a press tour for The Martian, Sebastian revealed that we will see more of the Winter Soldier’s story in Civil War.

“Where we find him after Winter Soldier, he’s in a place where he is learning about himself, and he’s discovering – as you saw in the last scene of The Winter Soldier, at the museum – he’s starting to put the pieces together, starting to learn about the past. Where he’s been. What he’s done. And as you’ll see in the next movie, it doesn’t come without a huge price: emotionally, mentally and… yeah, it’s not easy for him to learn about what he’s done.”

As any Marvel buff will know, the character of Bucky Barnes has been tortured and memory wiped by Hydra countless times – and yet, they are the reason Bucky is still alive.

“You have to remember it is the same Hydra in a sense that is responsible for him still being alive. And what happened before the movie Winter Soldier – and there will be a lot of things sort of made more clear in Civil War about what happened with him – kind of set up this relationship that he may always have with Hydra, one way or another. Because in a way they are like his second family. If that makes sense.”

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