Carol Lesbian Kisses Cut From Delta In-flight Film

Controversy has once again reared it’s ugly head today, as it became public that Delta Airlines showed an edited version of Carol with the lesbian kiss scenes removed.

This film is based on the hugely popular The Price of Salt, and stars Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, and both actresses were critically acclaimed for their performances. The film itself also won numerous awards, yet flight passengers were left disappointed when the same-sex kissing was deemed inappropriate for them.

Among the many social media users criticising Delta was gay comedian Cameron Esposito, who said: ““Watched Carol on a plane and they edited it so the main characters never even kiss. Booooooo. Two women kissing is fine for planes.”

“BTW my seatmate totally watching something where Paul Giamatti was participating in BDSM w/ a lady but CAROL had no kissing!? VERY MAD.”

She also tweeted one of the same-sex kissing scenes from the film, stating: “This is not dirty.”

“They also have sex. Totally fine to cut sex from any plane movie. But w/o a single kiss, CAROL is a movie about staring.”

There are two versions of the film available for airlines to choose from, the full version and the edited version. Some airlines, such as United Airlines and American Airlines, took the full version.

Delta issued a statement saying they chose the edited version because the full version had  some scenes which “did not meet its guidelines”. The edited version of the film removes all kissing and sex scenes, but there was no option for Delta to edit back in scenes which they deemed appropriate.

A Delta representative spoke to AfterEllen, saying: “There were two versions of this film that the studio makes available – one that is edited and one that is not edited. The edited version removes two explicit scenes that do not meet our guidelines. The edited version also removes all kissing. The other version is fully non-edited and includes the kissing, but it also includes the explicit scenes.”

“Unfortunately, Delta doesn’t have the rights to edit the movie, or to make the decision to keep some of that content (e.g. kissing). Because of the explicit scenes included in the non-edited version, we chose the edited version. This is consistent with what is available to all airlines.”

Whether or not Delta will change their minds on this remains to be seen, but they are certainly feeling the heat on this.

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