Carol Named Best LGBT Film Of All Time

Carol, the lesbian love story starring Cate Blanchett, has been crowned the best LGBT film of all time in a top 30 list that goes as far back as 1931.

Carol, which has been raking in the awards ever since it’s release, came first in a poll which was done in celebration of the 30th anniversary of BFI Flare London Film Festival.

Just behind Carol in second place is Andrew Haigh’s 2011 film, Weekend, with Wong Kar-wai‘s Happy Together in third place.

Todd Haynes, the director of the ever successful Carol, had this to say: ““The Festival has long supported my work, from Poison and Dottie Gets Spanked in the early 1990s through to Carol which is screening on 35mm later this week in BFI Flare’s Best of Year programme.”

“I’m so proud to have Carol voted as the top LGBT film of all time in this poll launched for the Fest’s 30th edition. Carol is in illustrious company with so many films I love, from Brokeback Mountain and Un Chant d’ Amour to Happy Together and My Own Private Idaho.”

The Deputy Director of Festivals at the British Film Institute, Tricia Tuttle, also chimed in on this impressive victory for Carol: “The BFI Flare team are delighted with the results. Here are 30 films we love and so many we have screened in the Festival. Carol’s win excites us because it’s great to see a film about two women in love enjoy such prominence, particularly given cinema’s relative lack of lesbian content, and it’s such an extraordinarily fine film which has had near universal praise from critics and curators.”

“To see Carol enshrined in this way so soon after release is a testament to how beloved it is and how esteemed Todd Haynes is as a filmmaker. We also love to see British cinema so heavily celebrated, from Andrew Haigh’s Weekend at number 2 to My Beautiful Laundrette, Orlando, Looking for Langston, Victim and Beautiful Things, all making the Top 20.”

Want to take a look at the rest of the top 30? Check it out here.

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Carol Named Best LGBT Film Of All Time
Article Name
Carol Named Best LGBT Film Of All Time
Carol has been named the best LGBT film of all time in a top 30 list stretching back to 1931.