Cate Blanchett On CAROL Lesbian Sex Scenes & Roles For Women In Film

Cate Blanchett needs no introduction, as she is a Oscar-winning actress who has starred in numerous blockbuster films, and her most recent role was in CAROL.

One aspect of her latest film, was a lesbian sex scene between Cate and Therese Belivet. She touched on the topic of this scene while on the red carpet outside Odeon Leicester Square: “They’re scenes and they’re really important. You always have to scrutinise and ask hard questions of those scenes – how necessary are they? But the consummation of their (Carol and Therese’s) relationship is really important. It’s just about how we were going to do it. We talked about the scene and there’s a great sense of trust between Rooney and I.”

“Both characters are quite isolated – not only because their feelings set them apart from others, but the gap in their ages. They go through these volcanic feelings towards one another so it was a relief to do the scenes with Rooney. Finally we get to be together.”

Cara’s co-star Therese Belivet complimented the star on making her feel comfortable during the scene: “Getting to work opposite Cate was a dream. She’s a very generous actor and super prepared but also she’s very alive and in the moment. I don’t know if many people know this but she’s also really funny – this incredible Australian sense of humour and wit about her.”

Also, just before Cate attended the screening, she also touched on the topic of roles for women in film: “Every time there are interesting complex roles played by actresses on screen someone asks, ‘does this mean there’s going to be more of the same?’ We seem to every year find ourselves in the same conversation, that somehow it’s remarkable. I think there’s a swathe of great roles for women and swathe of wonderful female performers. I think it’s just time to get on with it.”

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Cate Blanchett On CAROL Lesbian Sex Scenes & Roles For Women In Film
Article Name
Cate Blanchett On CAROL Lesbian Sex Scenes & Roles For Women In Film
Cate Blanchett talks on the lesbian sex scenes in CAROL, and roles for women in film.