Catholic Church Won’t Allow Transgender Man To Serve As Godparent

In a saddening but unsurprising move, a bishop has determined that a 21 year old transgender man may not serve as Godfather to his nephew.

Alex Salinas only took this to Bishop Rafael Zornoza after he was told by a local priest that he could not be Godfather to his nephew because he does not live “in accordance with the Catholic faith”.

Unfortunately, the Bishop rejected Alex’s complaint, and even went so far as to insist that the priest was “kind and understanding” in telling Alex that he “cannot serve as a baptismal sponsor because of canonical requirements that a sponsor live in accordance with the faith”.

The priest did concede that Alex could still “spiritually encourage and help the child in living the faith. No one should be surprised if someone cannot be admitted” because of their lifestyle, as it’s “something that happens often”.

According to the Spanish news agency EFE, Alex said that the priest was initially open to him becoming Godfather to his nephew, but had a change of heart after contacting the diocese.


A Spanish transgender legislator is now calling for a study of whether the church’s decision actually equates to national hate crimes, and they are even hoping to challenge them in court.