Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Bisexual

We bet you didn’t know these stars are bisexual! Here are the celebs who have been candid about their sexual attraction to both men and women.

John Hutcherson

Although the Hunger Games mega star who plays Peeta claims to be straight at the moment, he admits: “Maybe I could say right now I’m 100% straight. But who knows? In a f**king year, I could meet a guy and be like, whoa, I’m attracted to this person.”

Megan Fox

She may have married (and will soon divorce) Brian Austin Green, but she says she has always been bisexual: “I have no question in my mind about being bisexual.”

Sarah Paulson

The actress from American Horror Story: Freak Show and 12 Years A Slave has admitted that she is an “equal opportunity employer” and enjoys dating both men and women.

Pete Townshend

In 2012, he wrote that he was “probably bisexual” in his autobiography entitled Who Am I: A Memoir.” He admitted to being attracted to Mick Jagger. 

Anna Paquin

The True Blood and X-Men star tweeted last year: “Proud to be a happily married bisexual mother. Marriage is about love not gender.”

 Clive Davis

The music industry mogul who has worked with mega stars such as Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Rod Stewart, Barry Manilow, Aretha Franklin, and Alicia Keys came out as bisexual in his autobiography The Soundtrack of My Life.

Michelle Rodriguez

The Fast and Furious actress has said: “I’ve gone both ways.  I do as I please. I am too f***ing curious to just sit here and not try when I can. Men are intriguing. So are chicks.”

Cynthia Nixon

The Sex And The City actress has been married to both a man (in the past) and a woman (currently), and is openly bisexual.


Entertainer Ke$ha has said, “I don’t love just men. I love people. It’s not about a gender.”

We love how these open and honest stars are paving the way for everyone else to be out and proud.

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