Celebrity Chef’s Posh Restaurant Rated Worse For Hygiene Than Local Takeaways

Celebrity Chef Gary Rhodes’ posh restaurant has received a zero hygiene rating from inspectors, rating it worse than local takeaways.

The rather expensive restaurant, Rhodes @ The Dome, received the lowest possible rating in the latest round of checks. It had the “honour” of receiving the zero rating alongside just five other Plymouth restaurants, and rated worse than all but one takeaway.

Just to put that into perspective, a restaurant where you would pay around £18 for a main course, rated zero compared to takeaways were a meal would cost around £5. In case you’re wondering what takeaway received the same rating as him, it was the New Derriford Takeaway.

In case you’re unaware, these food hygiene ratings are given out by the Food Standards Agency, who assess each establishment on a few factors. These include how hygienically food is handled and prepared, how well they manage records, what they do to maintain the safety of their food, and the condition of the building.

According to Rhodes @ The Dome,  the reason for the zero food hygiene rating was the lack of a head chef. They went on to say that member of staff was new and still being trained, which meant that no-one was able to show knowledge of the food hygiene act.

In their official statement, the restaurant had this to say: “”Rhodes @ The Dome operates to the highest environmental health standards and probably has one of the most advanced food technology kitchens in the region – the low score relates to not having a head chef in post at the time.”

They are pushing for a retest and expect to score a “perfect” five.