Cella White Calls Transgender Kids An “Affliction”

You may have seen my article a little while ago, about how a Australian mother pulled her child from school after she found out that the school had a transgender awareness program.

Now the mother, one Cella White, has popped up again. She appeared on ABC’s Q&A last night, and spoke on what had happened at her son’s school. The transgender awareness program that the school has implemented, is part of a government-funded program run by the Safe Schools Coalition since 2010.

All the program is intended to do, is create a safe and inclusive school environments for same-sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students.

Yet Ms White is still adamant in speaking out against it, and even went so far as to call being transgender an affliction.

“I have no religious affiliation, but I believe it is biology that defines what sex you are, not radical gender theory. I did not feel comfortable with my daughter sharing rest rooms or PE change rooms with the boys who wish to identify as girls and withdrew her enrolment into Year 7 this year. Frankston High had told me they didn’t have any transgender children so I just thought it is a funny approach for people sitting there that don’t have that affliction.”<

Professor Kerryn Phelps, a gay activist and medical practitioner, responded to Ms White’s comment, saying how the program is meant to “respect an individual at whatever particular state of their development, psychologically and physically, they are at that particular time. The whole idea of the Safe Schools program is to ease the way for people regardless of where they end up in terms of their gender, for the other people around them to treat them with respect and kindness and compassion and empathy. These are human values.”

“In terms of what medical path these people take, there is an enormous amount of counselling that goes into this, an enormous amount of psychological help until everybody is satisfied that the right option for this individual, at the correct age for them, to go through a transitioning process. It’s not up to a Safe Schools program or the schools indeed to be teaching anything about outcomes for adult transgender individuals. I think that quoting these sorts of statistics is really unhelpful in this environment.”

You can see a video of her comments below.

Naturally, people didn’t react well to transgender people being labelled as having an “affliction”, as you can see below. Have you followed us on Facebook and Twitter?

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Cella White Calls Transgender Kids An "Affliction"
Article Name
Cella White Calls Transgender Kids An "Affliction"
An Australian mother upset a lot of people by calling transgender kids an "affliction" on TV.