Channel 4 Brings UK’s First Transgender Continuity Announcer

Today is International Trans Visibility Day, and Channel 4 is marking the day with the UK’s first transgender continuity announcer.

This is a very well timed move indeed, as the idea behind Trans Visibility Day is to celebrate the lives of transgender people and focus on the positive side, rather than the negatives.

The woman in question, Amy Stanning, will be taking over continuity duties at the station at 5pm today (Thursday). You can hear her voice on programmes such as Eight Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown and Alan Carr: Chatty Man. Her role will include announcing upcoming programmes, but she will also be talking about expereinces as a trans woman and raise awareness of Trans Visibility Day.

Amy had this to say: “I’m delighted that Channel 4 are celebrating the International Transgender Day of Visibility during primetime TV. Transgender people contribute to all walks of British life and it’s time to recognise their contribution and help people be positive and open about themselves.”

Dan Brooke, the Channel 4 comms officer, also chimed in: “We are always looking for new ways to celebrate diversity on Channel 4. I’m proud to bring Amy on board she’s the perfect way to mark International Transgender Day of Visibility and build on our work with the Alternative Voices campaign.”

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Channel 4 Brings UK's First Transgender Continuity Announcer
Article Name
Channel 4 Brings UK's First Transgender Continuity Announcer
Channel 4 celebrates Trans Visibility Day with the UK's first transgender continuity announcer!