Channel Islands To Get First Pride Parade – Thanks To Liberate

The very first Pride Parade for the Channel islands will be taking place in St Helier, Jersey, and it will be hosted by the equality charity Liberate.

This fantastic piece of news is the result of a rally organised by Reform Jersey last year, which saw LGBTQ+ islanders and a few friends rally turn out to lobby for equal marriage. Liberate were asked by the members of the LGBT+ community to build on the spirit of that day and organise their very own Pride parade.

Christian May, the Vice Chairman for Liberate said: “Pride is a global phenomenon. Almost every country where LGBTQ people are free to live without fear of persecution has a Pride event. It allows the community and their friends and family to come together, firstly, to show how proud they are to be part of a diverse society and, secondly, to celebrate being free to make that statement. Pride transcends politics. It’s a celebration of inclusion. Jersey has taken some bold steps recently, and will continue to do so, to ensure equality for all its citizens, regardless of their race, gender or sexuality. The Island should be proud of what it has achieved and Pride is one, very visible way, to demonstrate that.”

For those of you interested in attending, the parade will begin at West Centre at 12.45pm and the route will go through St Helier to Weighbridge Square for 1.30pm where there will be a speech by Liberate’s special guest.

From 2pm onwards, there will be live music and family friendly entertainment in Weighbridge Square and adjoining businesses.

Christian May further said: “Pride is organised by the LGBTQ community but it is not exclusively for that community. It is a party everyone is welcome to attend. If you haven’t been to a Pride before, it is a colourful, fun and friendly day out for all ages that celebrates diversity, symbolised by the rainbow flag.”

For more info, head on over to their website