Channing Tatum Officially Cast As Gambit

The rumour mill has been busily churning away as to whether or not Channing Tatum would actually be playing Gambit in the next X-Men film. You probably saw the rumblings that he wasn’t going to do it after all, as he had yet to officially sign any papers.

However, those rumblings have now been silenced as Channing has now officially closed the Gambit deal, meaning that he will be playing the role of Gambit.

It’s more than likely that there were some kinks in the negotiations, and it also seems likely that it was related to the amount of commitment they initially wanted from Channing. It might even be that they want someone to fill the gap that Hugh Jackman is going to leave when he retires from his role as Wolverine in 2017.

We still don’t know how Gambit will be fitting into the Marvel universe, but Channing may not be open to it as he has already confirmed he will not be making a cameo in X-Men Apocalypse.


Gambit is currently slated for a October 7 2016 release date.