Charlize Theron To Star In The Gray Man

Charlize Theron stole many hearts when she starred as Furiosa in Mad Max Fury Road, and it seems she now has a taste for action films. She is set to star in The Gray Man, which is based on a novel by Mark Greaney.

Interestingly, this will mean a gender switch for the lead role, as Brad Pitt was originally attached to it.

What we currently know about the story is that it involves the world’s greatest assassin, Court Gentry. Court is a former CIA who’s name gets put on the “burn” list after a mission goes awry. Then, a familiar tale of “former spy on the run” begins, with Court being forced to get creative now that he is without his former resources.  Court also has an added wrinkle of saving two daughters who have no idea of their parentage.

With this in mind, it would take basically no work at all to do a gender switch on the role, and we have seen it done before with the film Salt. This starred Angelina Jolie, but the role was originally for Tom Cruise.

James Gray, who is best known for We Own The Night and Two Lovers, is at the helm to direct. The screenplay was originally penned by Adam Cozad, but has since been overhauled by Joe and Anthony Russo. We don’t even have a start date for filming yet, so it’s unlikely we’ll see this before the end of 2016, maybe even start of 2017.

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Charlize Theron To Star In The Gray Man
Article Name
Charlize Theron To Star In The Gray Man
Charlize Theron, who stole our hearts as Furiosa in Mad Max Fury Road, will star in The Gray Man.