Check Out The Spitsbergen Adventure Cruise For Your LGBT Holiday This Year

Choosing your yearly holiday can be a tough choice sometimes, with so many places to visit and more package deals than you can count. But finding a truly unusual holiday is something even more difficult, but if you can stand the cold, the Spitsbergen Adventure Cruise may just be for you.

That cold comment was not just a throwaway, as the Spitsbergen Adventure Cruise focuses on the Northwest Spitsbergen National Park, where you can take in the breathtaking sights of the Arctic landscape.

“We encourage our guests to enjoy the crisp, clean air out on deck – watch the Northern Fulmars sailing in the slipstream of the ship or join interesting landings in small boats with our expert guides who will provide an insight into the areas we visit and share some amazing local stories. Here above the Arctic Circle we will experience the midnight sun, with long days and light nights. If we are really lucky we might just see the King of the Arctic; the Polar Bear.”

If that has peaked your interest, check out the video below. If this doesn’t make your jaw drop a little, then I’ll be surprised.

So, if you want to check out more of this unique five day adventure holiday for your excursion this year, go here.

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Check Out The Spitsbergen Adventure Cruise For Your Holiday This Year
Looking for a unique holiday? Check out the Spitsbergen Adventure Cruise.