Check Out This Campbell’s Soup Ad Featuring Gay Dads

Campbell’s soup are running a new ad campaign at the moment that features a few real life families, and the Larry Sullivan, David Monahan and their son, Cooper are among them.

This isn’t the first time that Larry and David have appeared in an advertisement, as they are both professional actors who have been a couple for over a decade. They appeared in a 60 second spot for Sabra Hummus back in May.

According to Yin Woon Rani, president of marketing activation, the concept behind this new campaign is to show how Campbell’s products “fit into people’s hectic everyday lives in an authentic, humorous and relatable way. This campaign holds a mirror up to the modern American family, because we know that people respond to brands that understand them and show life how it is, in all its glorious and joyous imperfections.”

You can check out the ad below, but get ready for some feels.

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Check Out This Campbell's Soup Ad Featuring Gay Dads
Article Name
Check Out This Campbell's Soup Ad Featuring Gay Dads
Check out this adorable Campbell's soup ad featuring gay dads! <3