Christian Clarke Returning to Eastenders

For those of who still watching Eastenders, you might be pleased to hear that John Partridge (whom we interviewed) will be returning to the show.

He will reprising his role as Christian Clarke, and his return will also mark the return of Linda Clarke, played by Lynda Baron. Sadly, all involved are remaining fairly tight lipped about what role Christian will play, but many viewers are speculating that it’s to do with the Lucy Beale murder storyline.

According to Eastenders producers, Christian and Linda Clarke’s return will “change the Beale family forever”.

John himself had this to say: “I am thrilled to be able to return to Eastenders whilst touring the UK with Chicago. Christian is never far from my mind – I turn my back for five minutes and look what happens.”

Of course, many fans will also be curious to see if Christian is still with Syed Masood, but so far there has not even been a whisper on that either way.

The news of John’s return to Eastenders is a little bit of a surprise, given how has said in the past that he would never return to the show. However, he already broke that promise by returning briefly in 2015 for a special.

It also comes fairly swiftly on the heels of his appearance in Celebrity Big Brother, which John revealed he took part in to pay for his mother’s healthcare.

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Christian Clarke Returning to Eastenders
Article Name
Christian Clarke Returning to Eastenders
John Partridge will be returning to his role as Christian Clarke in Eastenders.