Christian Foster Couple Refuse to Give Kids to Gay Parents

A Christian foster couple are fighting against the adoption of their two children by a gay couple because they “need a mother and a father”.

The couple have been caring for the children, who are pre-school age, were told last month that same-sex couple were being lined up to adopt them. When hearing this, the father apparently asked “are you joking?”

After their views became apparent, a social worker allegedly said that their own adoption request would not be considered because their discriminatory views make them “unfit to be adoptive parents”.

The foster father also told The Sunday Times that if one of the children came out as gay, he would find it “hard to accept”.

The couple are fighting the decision made by the local council with the help of the Christian Legal Centre and a religious freedom barrister.

Chief executive of the CLC, Andrea Williams said: “This couple’s viewpoint is lawful and mainstream.” She also said that the couple were “shocked and bewildered” by the decision.

She continued: “We have here a couple who are very successful at fostering these pre-school age children who are thriving in their care. There are also two older children who have accepted them for all intents and purposes and everything was fine. Suddenly to be told they would be placed in a same-sex household, this really came out of the blue to them.”

However, they were also repeatedly told that they can’t adopt because their three bedroom house is too small.

“To be told that there viewpoint was discriminatory, that their fitness to adopt was coming into question, and told the children would be removed, was very difficult for them. It’s as if the system has jumped over them and approved the same sex-couple without them knowing.”

Williams was of course questioned on why the couple feel that a same-sex couple, whom they have never met, would be worse parents: “They believe that the children, who have had a very difficult start in life, need a mother and father.”

“They are thriving under a complimentary relationship where a mother and father bring different elements to a family dynamic and provide distinctive roles in a family unit. It’s nothing to do with the men, it’s about the progression these children have made. They shouldn’t be inhibited for making that opinion because that is freedom of expression.”

It is understood that the barrister, Paul Diamond, will be arguing that the foster couple have been unfairly discriminated against due to their religion.

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Christian Foster Couple Refuse to Give Kids to Gay Parents
Article Name
Christian Foster Couple Refuse to Give Kids to Gay Parents
A Chrisitian foster couple have refused to give their foster children to a same-sex couple.