Now Has To Allow Gay Members

Online dating site will finally allow gay men and women to utilize its site to find the loves of their lives. Previously the site only allowed its users to select if they were a woman seeking a man or vice versa.

This change comes as a result of a lawsuit filed by two gay men against Sparks Network Inc, the parent company of ChristianMingle and other online dating sites.  The plaintiffs sued the company in 2013 through the California court system, claiming that violated California state law that requires businesses to offer “full and equal accommodations” no matter what one’s sexual orientation is.

The California judge approved the terms on Monday, which will result in the website now asking if a user is a “woman” or a “man” instead of who they seek.  Further, the company agreed that it would improve the user-experience for gay users over the next two years.  Spark Networks also agreed to pay each plaintiff $9,000 and pay for the legal fees associated with the lawsuit; however, it did not have to admit any wrongdoing.

In addition to ChristianMingle, Spark Networks also owns,, and, and the aforementioned terms will also apply to these sites.  The parent company also owns, but this particular site was not part of the lawsuit.

So bottom line is – we now have new online dating sites that we can utilize to find our true love… or just our next one.

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