Christians lose battle with London Mayor over gay adverts

A Christian group has lost a High Court battle claiming that London Mayor Boris Johnson was responsible for banning a controversial anti-gay advert on London buses.

The Core Issues Trust (CIT) had attempted to run an advert on the side of London buses which read "Not Gay! Ex Gay, Post-Gay and Proud. Get over it!"

The ad was in response to Stonewall's campaign ad of "Some people are gay. Get over it!" which did appear on London buses.

When their ad was rejected, the CIT claimed that Boris Johnson had vetoed the ad for "the nakedly political purpose of currying favour with gay lobby groups".

The ad was banned on 12 April 2012, a day before the Mayor addressed an election rally which had been organised by gay rights charity Stonewall.

However, in her ruling Mrs Justice Lang said that, although Mr Johnson did have the right to issue written or verbal instructions or directions to Transport for London (TfL), he had not done so in this case.

"TfL made the decision not to run the advertisements. Prior to making that decision, Mr Everitt [the marketing director] of TfL requested the views of the Mayor's office and Mr Johnson communicated a strongly-expressed opinion that the advertisements were offensive and should not appear on London buses," she said.

"Mr Everitt of TfL was strongly influenced by Mr Johnson's opinion when he made the decision not to run the advertisements.

"Mr Johnson was not motivated by an improper purpose, namely, to advance his Mayoral election campaign. For these reasons the claim is dismissed."