Christine Hallquist Wins In Vermont Governor Democratic Primary

Democratic Nominee for Vermont Governor, Christine Hallquist.

Democratic candidate, Christine Hallquist, wins the nomination for Vermont governor on Tuesday, August 14th marking a momentous event in LGBT history. Beating her opponents by securing 48% of the votes, Hallquist became the first ever transgender candidate to win a gubernatorial election nomination. Making this win even more remarkable is the fact that Vermont as a whole is considered a more rural state, where it typically proves more difficult for marginalized candidates to gain support. However, Hallquist’s “long history of service to the state” and her ability to reach voters by talking about issues most important to them did not go unnoticed. Hallquist and many others in the LGBT community hope for Hallquist’s success in the general election in November, especially against Republican opponent, Governor Phil Scott. A moderate, supporting some left issues like gun control reform, Gov. Scott will be a strong nominee to beat. Endorsed by different groups, such as the LGBTQ Victory Fund, Hallquist seems to be receiving tremendous support and inspiring hope. The National Center for Transgender Equality Action Fund’s executive director, Mara Keisling, commented on Hallquists’s victory: “Our mission as an organization is deeply rooted in bringing transgender people into the center of society, and Christine’s nomination is a massive step forward in that fight.” Hallquist joins three other LGBT Democratic nominees who have secured spots in the 2018 gubernatorial election, and hopefully we will continue to celebrate more historical victories for the LGBT and democratic communities in November.