Church’s Response to its Rainbow Flags Being Defaced

Around 3am last Sunday, two rainbow flags were vandalized at Wicker Park Church in Chicago, Illinois. This vandalism happened about a week after a separate event where these flags were initially torn down. This time, one of the flags, a rainbow LGBT flag was spray-painted with the phrase “We Love Kids” on it, insinuating a connection between homosexuality and pedophilia, and a black “X” was painted across the other pink and blue transgender flag. Neighbors are extremely disturbed by this defacing, and police are investigating it as a possible hate crime. The church’s reverend, Rev. Jason Glombicki responded with a message, showing the community what his church is about: “Where love is the center. It’s not about Hell. It’s not about damnation. It’s not about hate, but it’s all about love, and that’s what we preach and teach here at Wicker Park Lutheran Church.” To send an action-packed message, the church’s congregation are planning to plant hundreds of rainbow flags in the same area as the previous two flags to retaliate and celebrate Pride Month.