Class Creator: “The lack of LGBT representation on screen is harmful”

Much has been said and written about the amount of LGBT representation on screen, and the consensus is that while things are improving, there is still a distinct lack of LGBT characters.

Patrick Ness, the creator of the upcoming Doctor Who spinoff Class, spoke on on why including openly LGBT characters is so important to him.

He said: “When I was a kid, I never saw myself in books. I never saw myself on the screen, I never dreamed that the lead of a show would be somebody like me. And the lack of that is harmful. I don’t do it to tick boxes, I do it because that’s the story I really want to tell and it really excites me and I’m really passionate about it, so it’s just natural for me to write it.”

“When you don’t see yourself on screen, you are harmed, you are implicitly disinvited from the party. And I just thought, when I started writing, that that was never going to happen again, not on my watch.”

“Also, one of my fundamental beliefs is that one of the ways to change the world is to act as though the world has already changed. Nobody under the age of 20 is going to blink at Charlie and Matteusz.”

The actor Jordan Renzo, who plays one of those LGBT characters (Matteusz) explained that playing a gay character within the LGBT friendly Doctor Who was “quite easy”, especially with the help of his co-star Greg Austin.

He said: “Obviously we’re aware that there’s been some controversy about it, but to us, it’s no different to any other relationship in the show, it’s just about telling the story of the dynamics and the ups-and-downs. There was no problems with it at all, it didn’t even come up until people outside what we were doing brought it up.”

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The creator of Doctor Who spinoff Class has called the lack of LGBT characters on screen "harmful".