Coronation Street’s Sean Tully and Billy Mayhew To Experience Homophobia

Coronation Street’s gay couple Sean Tully (played by actor Antony Cotton) and Reverend Billy Mayhew (played by actor Daniel Brockleback) will come face to face with homophobia next week when they attempt to book a room in a country pub.

The soaps story begins pleasantly enough, the couple decide to take a long country stroll in the sunshine, and with it getting later in the day and feeling exhausted from their hike, feel it’s best to stay the night in a local country pub.

But things don’t go smoothly, the pubs landlord is clearly unhappy with a same-sex couple staying at his pub.  He tells Sean and Billy that there are no rooms left – there had been a mistake with a double booking, hence the mix-up.

The couple don’t accept his answer and choose to confront him, accusing him of being homophobic and simply trying to find an excuse to get them to leave. Tempers start to flair, and the landlord makes it abundantly clear he does not want a same-sex couple staying at his pub.

After a rather lively ‘discussion’ the couple are eventually forced to leave – but the events will end up bringing the couple much closer together.

Daniel Brocklebank (who portrays Billy) faced real-life backlash earlier this year from both religious and more conservative viewers on the producer’s decision to include a gay vicar in the cast.

The 35-year-old actor stated a few weeks ago “A woman came up to me in a supermarket three days ago telling me I was going to go to hell playing a gay vicar. The show itself has had a backlash.”