Corrie star faces abuse over his character from other gay men

Actor Antony Cotton, who plays Sean Tully in Coronation Street, ha said that he faces abuse over his "camp" character in the long–running show.

Cotton was speaking at Manchester Pride's fringe festival in the subject of gay characters in Coronation Street.

"I get a lot of stick from people who say, and these are people who are 21 years old, 'you've put the gay cause back 21 years.

"Or they say, 'You're a disgrace to this village.' You'd be surprised how many kids say that to me."

Cotton who first appeared in Coronation Street in 2003 also revealed that there had been an online petition against him joining the cast.

"An online petition was set up to have me sacked because people said I was going to put the gay cause back 25 years," he said. "That was six months before I even appeared on screen."