Cosmetic Surgery: Is It For You?

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Cosmetic Surgery: Is It For You?

Here we will take a quick look at cosmetic surgery within the LGBT community, exploring the pros and cons of an ever increasing industry that in the British market alone is worth £2.3 billion annually.

So, what surgeries do gay men get? Surprisingly, there isn’t a huge difference in the types of surgeries sought by gay and straight men, with the exception of the easiest one: Botox. Botox is easily accessible, relatively quick and pain free, and makes you look younger, so who wouldn’t want to give it a go, especially at a time when appearance and first impressions seem to count for everything.

John from the world renowned MYA Group ( says that cosmetic surgery in widespread between allmen and is continually on the increase. The most popular surgeries that actually involve going ‘under the knife’ are rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) and chest reduction. Nose alterations are becoming increasingly popular, as it can bring peace of mind to anyone with esteem issues about their appearance, while chest reduction essentially gets rid of those ghastly ‘man-boobs.’ It’s impossible to say how many of these men are actually gay or bisexual as companies do not ask for the disclosure of a person’s sexual orientation, but these procedures are certainly becoming more common. Liposuction is universally on the rise, between all communities as it can quickly become the only option for a person who is unable to lose weight naturally and has explored every other option possible. Perhaps the most common form of surgery within the LGBT community is laser hair removal, regrowth and hair transplant says

Either way, we must ask why there’s been such a sharp increase in the number of cosmetic surgeries being performed. Certainly the media and celebrity culture implore us to look perfect, tone up our bodies with Hercules-like symmetry, but it will always come down to people’s own perception of themselves. For men who were bullied at school or hate the way they look, having a nose job or ear reshaping can change their life for the better and with surgeries starting from £3,000, it’s a commitment that cannot be reversed.

Ultimately, the entire LGBT community are constantly preaching and championing the idea that we should be ourselves – that we should not fear our looks, our orientation or desires, but to embrace who we are and deal with it. If someone can lead a happier life with a few alterations, then why not? In an age where everything is more modern, adaptable and changing, then both gay and straight men should be allowed to do the same – most people don’t love everything about their bodies, but don’t see how readily available these surgeries are, and that they’re not just for celebrities. Of course, with anything like this there will be extremists – just look at Justin Jedlica and Valeria Lukyanova, the human Barbie and Ken dolls, or even the cast of The Only Way Is Essex.

For more information you can visit MYA ( to find out more about what procedures are available and any questions you may have. Otherwise, embrace yourselves and if you really want to change something, anything is possible!



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