Could Mike Pence Be Trump’s VP Candidate?

What do you think of when you hear the name Mike Pence?  Yes, he is the governor of Indiana.  But you may best know him as the governor who signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law, which gave businesses in his state the right to discriminate against LGBT.  Perhaps you also recall how he had difficulty providing an answer earlier this year when asked if a person should be fired over one’s sexuality.  So, basically, you can conclude that Governor Pence is no champion of LGBT rights.

So, what do you think now that Donald Trump, who claims to be a “friend of the gays” is considering Governor Pence as his running mate?  Well, first it may not be good for LGBT equality in the U.S., and second, perhaps the Donald is not really much of a friend after all.  This appears to be what the Democratic National Committee would suggest.

TJ Helmstetter, DNC spokesman, explained: “Pitting Americans against each other is at the heart of Donald Trump’s dangerous and divisive campaign, so it’s fitting he’d consider Mike Pence to join him.  Trump has supported many of the same types of reckless policies that Mike Pence has forced on Indiana – including the anti-gay Religious Freedom Restoration Act that has cost Indiana’s economy millions while demonizing LGBT Hoosiers.  That he would consider Pence is a reminder that Trump lacks the judgement to serve in the highest office in the land.”

Although Trump has not actually made any decisions on who his VP will be, it is rumored that Pence is one of just a small handful being vetted by Trump.  So… stay tuned!

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Could Mike Pence Be Trump’s VP Candidate?
Article Name
Could Mike Pence Be Trump’s VP Candidate?
Mike Pence, the governor who is known for his anti-LGBT rhetoric, is on Donald Trump’s short list for a running mate.