Creator Of LGBT Rainbow Flag Dies

The renown flag maker who designed the famous LGBT Pride Flag passed away yesterday. Gilbert Baker died at the young age of 65 from natural causes.

Baker created the first rainbow flag in right before 1978’s San Francisco Pride. He said there was meaning behind each of the colored stripe– hot pink represented sexuality, red was life, orange stood for healing, yellow represented sunlight, green was for nature, turquoise stood for magic and art, blue represented serenity, and violet was spirit.

Baker did not profit from the development of the LGBT flag, as his flags and all flags are part of the public domain.

“Flags are torn from the soul of the people, he once said.

Baker said that Harvey Milk was really his inspiration when creating the flag. Milk asked Baker to create a flag to take the place of the pink triangle used by Nazis to identify gay people.

“Flags are about power,” Baker said. “Flags say something. You put a rainbow flag on your windshield and you’re saying something.”

In 2008, Baker participated in making banners and flags for the film Milk with Sean Penn.

Dustin Lance Black, the writer of the movie, paid tribute to Baker on social media.

“Even rainbows weep. Our spectacular Gilbert Baker has left us. In more ways than one, our LGBTQ world is far less colorful without you.”

“But Gilbert created the #RainbowFlag to UNITE us. To make us stronger. In Gilbert’s memory #UNITE again. In Gilbert’s memory find #STRENGTH. Find #BEAUTY. Find #LOVE. And #RiseUp again. I love you, Gilbert. Thank you for everything you taught me, for all of the flags you sewed for me, and for helping all of the us’s become such a big, colorful, proud family.”

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