Cyndi Lauper’s Exclusive Interview With Pride Life

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In the new US PrideLife, we are all treated to an exclusive interview with the indelible and fascinating Cyndi Lauper. Today, we are sharing an excerpt with you of Carson Kressley’s conversation with the multi-talented rocker. Carson, a friend of Cyndi’s, is known for his work on Queer Eye and E!, as well as his role partnering with Cyndi’s True Colors Fund charity.

Kressley started out by asking the singer about her new album.

So, are you ready for this? Let’s talk about your new country album, Detour, which is out now. I’ve been satisfying my country fancy by listening to your cover of Heartaches By The Number. Where did the idea for the album come from?

Well, it was a bucket list thing, you know? I’ve always wanted to make a record with the legendary Seymour Stein and now I have! He’s such a great song guy, so knowledgeable; it’s like sitting with a breathing music library. He suggested it, and the time period that he suggested—late ’40s, ’50s, ’60s—was the right time period, you know? It worked. So I thought, let’s do it

The sound of the album is so true to classic, old-school country. Was it tough to record?

Believe it or not, there was not a ton of preparation. What took many months was listening to literally a thousand great country classics to find the songs that I thought I could relate to. I also wanted all the songs to tell a story. It was great fun.

Cyndi also revealed about her perfect nights and why she isn’t much of a party animal.

I’m sure you’ve been asked this, but if girls just want to have fun—how does Cyndi Lauper have fun?

I like going out to eat and seeing live music, but my perfect night is staying in with my husband, David, ordering in, and watching old movies. No one makes me laugh harder than him and no one knows me better. I’m a very lucky woman. I’m also really a homebody—kind of always have been. I work so much, home is where I want to be when I’m off.

Carson went on to ask her about her passionate advocacy for LGBT issues.

You’ve been a tireless supporter of LGBT rights and causes for years. What keeps you going? 

It’s simple. I am friend and family of the LGBT community, and where I come from you stand up for the people you care about. When civil rights are being trampled on, I have no option but to speak up and take action in whatever way I can. I will always have their back, just as they have always had mine.

For somebody who wants to make a change in their community, how would you suggest getting started?

Find an issue that matters to you and do just one thing to move that issue forward. For example, if you care about youth homelessness, volunteer at your local youth shelter. Doing just one thing can make a huge difference. I can tell you from personal experience, you’ll end up wanting to do even more.

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Cyndi Lauper’s Exclusive Interview With Pride Life
Article Name
Cyndi Lauper’s Exclusive Interview With Pride Life
Cyndi Lauper opens up in an exclusive one-on-one interview for Pride Life, talking to Carson Kressley about music, fun, advocacy, and all things LGBT.