Dallas police arrange self defense training for LGBT community

In response to community pleas for more safety to protect the LGBTQ community after many violent attacks, the Dallas, TX police organized a free self-defense training last Saturday. After the recent brutal attacks, some ending in deaths like transgender women Muhlaysia Booker and Chynal Lindsey, the Dallas community become desperate, begging for support and protection. After these attacks, more than 150 people attended to voice their concerns for the safety of this community in Dallas. The police department answered and set up a free self-defense class to help teach some defensive techniques when confronted in a violent situation. Nick Chamberlain, a 10th degree black belt who runs a self defense studio in Dallas, stepped up to help. Chamberlain recognized that “this group, the LGBTQ community gets picked on more,” and so he and 13 other instructors led the large group through some techniques to help defend themselves. They taught defenders how to be able to get enough distance in a violent situation and be able to flee and call the police for help. Joel Robinson, manager for community engagement at the Dallas Police Department commented about the response, “There’s a heightened sense of wanting to feel safe in your city. And so whatever we can do to have residents in Dallas feel safer… we want to ensure that we’re bringing those tools to them.”