Daniel Craig Tells Ellen DeGeneres He Doesn’t Know If He’ll Do Another Bond Film

This tuesday’s edition of Ellen saw a visit from 007 himself, and while on the show, Daniel Craig discussed if he’ll do another Bond film.

When asked about the chances of him doing another Bond film, Daniel said: “I don’t know… It’s a funny thing. I got asked the question two days after I finished shooting whether I’d like to do another one, and my answer was fairly short and sweet.”

“I don’t even want to think about it, just at the moment, [but] if I did stop doing them, I’d miss them terribly.”

To which Ellen responded: “You’re so good… I think you’re a great James Bond.”

Ellen also touched on the recent rumblings that a woman could play Bond when Daniel does step down.

“I also heard […] if you do decide that you won’t play Bond anymore, that a woman could play the role.”

Daniel’s response to this was a simple one: “Sure.”

So it definitely seems Daniel is very unsure at the moment. Given that Spectre took up two years of his life and eight months of gruelling filming, it’s safe to say he’s not ready to think about it just yet.

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Article Name
Daniel Craig Tells Ellen DeGeneres He Doesn't Know If He'll Do Another Bond Film
Daniel Craig appeared on The Ellen Show, and told Ellen DeGeneres that he doesn't know if he'll do another Bond film.