David Cameron Bids To Speed Up Adoption Process

The Prime Minister has unveiled plans to speed up the adoption process.

David Cameron wants to dramatically increase the number of children in care who move in with their adoptive families before the paperwork is complete.

According to his office, some 1o% of adopted children have already been placed with their families early.

However, despite David Cameron wants these numbers to double as soon as possible.¬†Town hall bosses also seemed to agree with this, as they said it’s “vital” to address court delays and speed up legal proceedings.

The PM also said that too few councils were using early placement schemes, and that doubling the numbers would see 500 more children placed in new homes sooner.

The same set of figures also showed that 62 of the 152 local authorities in England have no early placements ahead of adoptions, according to officials.

The PM had this to say on the topic: “”I want to make sure that we do everything we can so children are placed in a loving home as soon as possible.”.

Cameron’s statement means that all councils are now required to reveal how many children live with their adoptive families’ early, which could be a catalyst for real change.

Cameron also said: “It is a tragedy that there are still too many children waiting to be placed with a loving family. We have made real progress but it remains a problem.”

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David Cameron Bids To Speed Up Adoption Process
Article Name
David Cameron Bids To Speed Up Adoption Process
PM David Cameron bids to speed up adoption process.