Delaware’s Two Openly Gay Candidates Running for Senate

Kerri Evelyn Harris (left) and Gene Truono (Right).

There are currently two openly gay candidates running in the primaries for the Democratic and Republican nominations.

On the side of the Democrats you have Kerri Evelyn Harris, a military veteran that served as a loadmaster in the Air Force, with a multicultural family background, and a mother of a young daughter. She’s facing off against the three-term Democratic incumbent representing Delaware in the Senate, Senator Tom Carper. Many feel it’s an uphill battle for Harris, but some of the team that helped Ocasio-Cortez unseat Rep. Joseph Crowley in the New York 14th Congressional District primary have come to Delaware to help.

Republican Gene Truono, the Former Chief Compliance Officer at PayPal, is running in his party’s primary against Rob Arlett, a Sussex County Councilman. Originally slated to run against Chuck Boyce, a Glasgow-area business owner, Boyce has bowed out and endorsed Arlett. Both candidates have similar stances on most issues that fall along party lines, so it will be interesting to see how they differentiate from each other beyond their choice of partner.