Derek Jeter Sued For Bailing on Marketing Deal Because It Was “Too Gay”

Derek Jeter, the famous baseball icon and five-time World Series champion, is now under fire for his anti-gay stance. Reports claim that he pulled out of a recent luxury underwear marketing deal because he did not want the items sold to the LGBT community.

According to a law suit that has been recently filed, Jeter was in an agreement with fancy underwear make, Frigo, to do major publicity for the brand and serve as the company’s director. However, the suit states that Jeter bailed on the contract when he learned about Frigo’s marketing strategy. The court documents mention that Jeter did not want the underwear marketed to the gay community and states that he did not want the Frigo brand to be ‘too gay.’”

Jeter has come out fighting against the allegations and Mathias Ingvarsson, the owner of Frigo. Jeter says he “is disgusted by Mr. Ingvarsson’s decision to make these false allegations against me in the press, instead of attempting to work out our business dispute in private.”

So, what do you think? Do you believe Derek Jeter? Or do you think he’s an anti-gay homophobe?

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Article Name
Derek Jeter Sued For Bailing on Marketing Deal Because It Was “Too Gay”
Derek Jeter is being sued by a luxury underwear company for rescinding on an agreement he had with them because the brand was “too gay.”