Disney makes history with gay storyline


The Disney Channel is set to make history tonight (27 October) when the second series of its coming-of-age show Andi Mack features a gay storyline.

In the season premiere lead character 13-year-old Andi (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) and her friend Cyrus (Joshua Rush) will admit that they both have a crush on the same boy.

This sets a story arc where Cyrus comes to identify himself as gay, helped by his friends and family.

Disney consulted PFLAG (Parents. Friends and Family of Lesbians and Gays) to make sure that the storyline was treated in a sensitive way.

PFLAG’s executive director Doctor Jaime Grant said: “Andi Mack’s creative team captures this moment of revelation with such thought, care, and authenticity, it will be a memory moment for some, and a teachable moment for many.”

The average age of the Andi Mack viewer is 10 years old and is the top rated show among girls aged 6 – 14.