Ellen DeGeneres “Can’t Understand” That Caitlyn Jenner Once Opposed Same-Sex Marriage

You’ve all probably seen the clip of Caitlyn Jenner speaking to Ellen DeGeneres, where she admitted that she was once opposed to same-sex marriage.

Caitlyn has since changed her stance on the issue, but apparently Ellen was very taken back by Caitlyn’s views, as she discussed it with Howard Stern, host of SiriusXM.

“I said to her: ‘You’re wanting people to understand and accept you – this is like really confusing to people – but you still have a judgement about gay people and marriage. She said ‘if the word marriage is that important’ …and I was like, ‘it is, because that’s the word!’. We want the same thing as everybody.”

Apparently, Caitlyn even refused to dance with Ellen which guests – including President Obama – have done on the show.

“No, she didn’t dance. I don’t think she’s a dancer. Maybe she didn’t want to dance with me cause I’m a lesbian! She was great, it was a great interview. I don’t really know her, and I’m trying to understand it, because I don’t fully understand it either. I also want everyone to be happy I don’t fully understand all of that, but I want her to be happy. Which is what I want for her, for me.”

Watch the video below.