Ellen DeGeneres Named as OUT100 Entertainer of the Year

Every year, OUT100 gives 100 deserving people some recognition, with categories like Breakout of the Year, Artist of the Year and of course, Entertainer of the Year.

Ellen DeGeneres has rightfully been honoured with the OUT100 title of Entertainer of the Year. Ellen’s career has spanned 35 years, and in that time Ellen has strived to make daily life – and not people – the butt of her jokes. Especially as she herself has sadly been the punchline, which was demonstrated with the media reaction to her show being cancelled in 1998.

She said: “I was the punch line of lots of jokes. I laughed at some, but I realised there’s somebody on the other side of them. It’s cruel. I’ve never liked mean comedy, but that became even more important to me after I was the brunt of it.”

Of course, The Ellen Show was picked up by CBS, but it took a lot of work and a lot of rejections to get to that point. NBC’s faith in Ellen has been rewarded, though, as her show has won 57 Daytime Emmy Awards, 9 of which have been for Outstanding Talk Show.

Ellen continued:  “Before this show, I had a lot of insecurity. I wasn’t sure if I was going to work again, and although I was out, I was still trying to alter myself — not dressing the way I wanted to dress or wearing my hair the way I wanted to. I slowly gained the confidence to be authentic, and what I’ve learned about other people is that they strive to be authentic, too. So whether they fully support me, love my lifestyle, or love that I’m married to a woman, I think they like that authenticity, and they’re drawn to it.”

Safe to say, Ellen has more than earned her success, as well as her place on the OUT100 list. Here’s to many more successes in the future!

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Ellen DeGeneres Named as OUT100 Entertainer of the Year
Article Name
Ellen DeGeneres Named as OUT100 Entertainer of the Year
Ellen DeGeneres has been named as OUT100's entertainer of the year.