Ellen DeGeneres: Oscars Diversity Changes “Long Overdue”

There was a lot of talk this year about the inherent problem with diversity in the Oscars, which is being addressed.

This has been praised by Ellen DeGeneres, who called the improvements in diversity “long overdue”.

She said: “It’s always amazing to me that it’s taken this long for all of us to realise we should all be represented in film and television. There’s a planet full of people that aren’t white heterosexual. There’s a lot of people of colour, fat people, people that aren’t absolutely perfect.”

“Hollywood’s always always celebrated beauty and perfection and that’s great, who doesn’t want to look at beauty and perfection? But we also need to represent everybody on the planet.”

Ellen also touched on the success of Finding Dory, which is coming out very soon in the UK after smashing box office records in the US. Despite the resounding success, it is unlikely to translate into a significant Oscars. The best picture has never been won by an an animated film.

“You obviously relate more when you see a person and a face, and maybe that’s what the Academy Awards have been about. But the performances in animated movies are challenging for us [voice actors] because we’re getting emotions across strictly through our voices.”

“We need to get comedic timing, sadness, emotion, all through our voice without the benefit of body language or facial expressions. So it’s as much of a challenge, if not a tiny bit more.”

One of the many things that made the original Finding Nemo so charming was Dory herself, who had the catch phrase “just keep swimming”.

“Just keep swimming is always a good motto no matter what, but this time around the most important one for me is that your disability, your supposed disability, is your strength,” Ellen said.

“We need to embrace who we are. So I think that’s a good message. People ask ‘what would Dory do?’ and it’s because of her disability that people ask that, because she doesn’t worry about the past, think about the future or analyse everything. She’s just in the present moment, which is something we should aspire to.”

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Ellen DeGeneres: Oscars Diversity Changes
Article Name
Ellen DeGeneres: Oscars Diversity Changes
Ellen DeGeneres has praised the Oscars diversity changes, calling them "long overdue".