Ellen Page Gushes Over Girlfriend Samantha Thomas at Sundance

Ellen Page was at Sundance Film Festival, promoting her latest project Tallulah. She was there without her girlfriend, Samantha Thomas, in tow.

However, it seems that the couple are still very happy together, and aren’t going to pull a Ruby and Phoebe any time soon.

When asked about Samantha’s absence, Ellen said: “She’s home working. I wish she could be here.”

Later, she gushed some more, touching on their very simple secret to happiness: “She’s awesome and we have so much fun together. We love each other and support each other. It’s the best.”

She also naturally discussed her experiences with Tallulah, which was a different experience for her. In the film, Ellen’s character kidnaps a baby because she doesn’t think her mother, a boozy pill-popper, is capable of taking care of her.

“Honestly, it’s one of the most special acting experiences I’ve ever had. Needless to say, but it presented a new challenge because your first thought is, ‘This baby needs to be OK, it needs to be safe.’ I want the parents to feel OK and acting is a little bit secondary to that. You could never predict what your little co-star is going to do. That forces you to be so, so, so present and so open. I just felt connected to her.”

The conversation then turned to if this experience has prompted her to want kids of her own.

“You know, it’s funny. I had such little baby experience that I told [director Sian Heder], ‘Oh, I’m worried. I don’t really know’. But then we kind of bonded really quickly and it was special. [But] do I want to have a baby tomorrow? I don’t think so.”

Tallulah was purchased by Netflix, but we don’t yet know when it will be available on the streaming platform.

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Ellen Page Gushes Over Girlfriend Samantha Thomas at Sundance
Article Name
Ellen Page Gushes Over Girlfriend Samantha Thomas at Sundance
Ellen Page discussed her latest film, Tallulah, at Sundance Film Festival and she also took the chance to gush over girlfriend Samantha Thomas.